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If you had to make funeral arrangements, would you know how to make them dignified, meaningful, and affordable?

Did you know:

  • A typical funeral in the US costs $7,300 — before you get to the cemetery
  • That the cost of funerals, cremation, and burials varies widely
  • Neither embalming nor a fancy casket is required for cremation or burial
  • Although planning for after-death care is strongly recommended, prepaying for a funeral may not be a good idea

Info about Funerals, Cremations, and Lots More

Link to: 2018 Price Survey of the local funeral industry


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The most recent issue is devoted to discussing how to handle deathcare of a family member or friend when away from home in a foreign country or in the U.S. There also is an article on how “care communities” can assist with home funerals.
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Do you want the consumer’s voice to be heard in regulating the funeral industry in Maryland?

FCAME volunteers attend meetings of the regulatory agencies in Maryland that oversee funerals, cremations, and cemeteries, and also testify on proposed legislation at the Maryland legislature involving the death-care industry to ensure consumer rights (and wallets) are protected.
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A few words about FCAME and the FCAME website:

FCAME is the local affiliate of the national Funeral Consumers Alliance. The goal of FCA as stated on its website, is “to ensure consumers are fully prepared and protected when planning a funeral for themselves or their loved ones,… by offering objective facts about funeral planning so families can plan a meaningful goodbye that fits their needs and their budget.”

As the local affiliate of FCA, serving the Maryland, District of Columbia, and Delaware area, FCAME shares this goal and implements it at a local level by providing information relevant to our area.

We are a small group of volunteers who endeavor to keep the information on our website as current as possible. However, it is inevitable that details such as prices quoted in our mortuary price survey, links to outside websites, and phone numbers to outside resources change frequently. So it is wise to use the information we offer as a starting point for further research, consideration, and discussion. We welcome any feedback such as the reporting of broken links or updates to the information we provide, and we appreciate any support you may contribute to our cause, financial or otherwise. You may contact us by email at <>.

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