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Grief over the loss of a loved one is often followed by shock at the cost of funeral services. At this vulnerable time, families can make well-meant, but hasty decisions that result in unnecessary costs because they are unaware of all their options. This website provides information about your rights as a consumer and options for arranging an affordable, dignified, and meaningful good-bye.


Unless cost is not an issue, a good place to start when planning a funeral is to figure out how much you can afford to spend.


You can save your family some time and trouble by giving some thought to what kind of send-off you’d like for yourself and discussing it with them ahead of time. 

General Information

You can find a list of general information resources, such as the website of our national parent organization.


Funeral costs vary widely but according to a National Funeral Directors survey in 2021, the median cost of a funeral with in-ground burial not including cemetery costs was $7,848.

Green Burial

Green burials are the most environmentally friendly option for body disposition, because they require only biodegradable burial containers, without embalming or the use of vaults or grave liners.


Cremation costs vary widely and depend in part upon whether they are associated with a traditional funeral and/or interment of the ashes in a cemetery plot or mausoleum.

Body Donation

There are a variety of options for body donation, including the Maryland State Board of Anatomy, local medical schools, scientific research, and commercial organizations.

Home Funerals

Individuals may care for their own dead at home although as a practical matter it is usually advisable to coordinate with a licensed funeral director for help with the appropriate documentation and transportation, and burial.

Financial Resources

The following represents all FCAME is aware of with regard to financial resources available for help with funeral expenses. Please note that FCAME itself has no resources to provide any financial support for funerals.

Your Legal Rights

The Funeral Rule, developed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 1984, requires funeral establishments to provide a General Price List (GPL) to consumers that contains current prices for 16 specified funeral-related goods and services.

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