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Advance Health Care Directive and Living Will

A Living Will may not sufficient to meet each person’s needs as it cannot truly anticipate what all the circumstances might be when it is needed. A safer approach is naming a health care power of attorney in an advance health care directive, and communicating your values and priorities to that person as well as your family and friends. A statement about an individual’s wishes for after-death care (including a desire to have or not to have organ, tissues or body donation) may be added to any advance health care directive document that does not already have a space on the form for that. Select from the following forms:

The Guide to Maryland Law on Health Care Decisions includes forms

Delaware Advance Health Care Directive Form

The DC Advance Directive (Adobe Reader pdf file) from the D.C. Hospital Association is valid in DC, MD and VA

The Advance Health Care Directive (Adobe Reader pdf file) from the Montgomery County Coalition for End-of-Life Care is valid in DC, MD and VA but omits a living will.