Green Burial

  • Green burials are the most environmentally friendly option for body disposition, because they require only biodegradable burial containers, without embalming or the use of vaults or grave liners.
  • Some traditional cemeteries now allow burials without caskets or with plain wood coffins (because some religious cultures demand it) although they typically still do require a liner or vault. A few do allow actual green burials without vaults or grave liners, often in a special section of the cemetery set aside for this purpose. 
  •  A green burial cemetery allows burials in shrouds or biodegradable containers and does not allow vaults or liners. Some are planned as nature preserves that allow only natural stones as markers, and instead of broad expanses of lawn feature natural plantings. 
  • The Green Burial Council is a source of information about environmentally sustainable and natural death care across the US that lists cemeteries and funeral establishments that are certified by that organization. 
  • Maryland Funeral Resources and Education is a website developed in 2023 by Lee Webster, an expert on green burial and home funerals, full of current information for those interested in participating in any aspect of the after-death care of a loved one.

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