Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maryland and Environs

Board of Trustees

President  Barbara Blaylock is a retired primary care physician whose involvement in FCAME grew out of an active interest in optimizing end-of-life care as well as patient and family-centered health care.

Treasurer – Pat Cascio had a career in IBM large systems sales and education. Now retired, she serves on the executive boards of three small local non-profit organizations. She is drawn to FCAME because of its mission, dedication, and good will.

Information Technology Manager and Secretary – Dimitrios Rizos is an analyst for Frontier Technology, Inc.  Dimitri provides cost estimating analysis to the Department of Defense. His involvement with FCAME grew out of his family having paid an exorbitant amount for a funeral and a burial.

Membership Director, Social Media Director, Community Involvement Director, and Librarian – Vikki Zourzoukis is a local realtor, active member of the community, and a zealous advocate of FCAME’s mission and purpose. Having undergone the difficult task of making final arrangements for a loved one, Vikki joined FCAME understanding the challenges consumers face and the need to implement changes that protect consumers as they commemorate a loved one’s life.

Recording Secretary and Liaison with Maryland (MD) Board of Morticians – Rachel Bayard joined FCAME because she believes strongly in its mission and efforts. She has worked her entire professional career on the legal side of the real estate industry, specializing in mortgage servicing. She is active in sports and community activities.

Board-Member-at-large – John Rizos is an attorney at a general practice law firm in Maryland; the legal issues he has handled include consumer protection and consumer advocacy. He previously worked as a Legislative Director in the Maryland Senate.

Board-Member-at-large – Chris Palmer is an author, speaker, filmmaker, professor, and grandfather. He is writing a book on death and dying and serves as a hospice volunteer. He passionately supports FCAME’s mission to help people choose an affordable and meaningful funeral.