Leave Your Family Information for Your Obituary or Eulogy

One of our members recently suggested that we write an article about writing a draft of your own obituary. Upon giving it some thought, we decided that the best advice we could give was not to write your own obituary or eulogy yourself, but to make it easier for those you leave behind to do …

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New Trends in After-Death Care

Increasing numbers of people are looking for alternatives to conventional burials, embalming, and flame cremation with a smaller environmental footprint. In most conventional burials, the body is injected with toxic embalming fluid, placed in a steel or wood casket, and buried within a cement or metal vault six feet underground. As a result, significant quantities …

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New All-Green Cemeteries in Maryland

A few conventional cemeteries in Maryland have green burial sections that eschew embalming, fancy caskets, and concrete vaults. But, until very recently, Maryland did not have an all-green or natural cemetery devoted solely to conservation and green burials. The first such burial ground is Serenity Ridge, a 177 acre plot of land in Windsor Mill …

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Getting Mom Ready For Her Final Journey

We knew our mother was nearing the end, but the three months life expectancy from her terminal cancer diagnosis telescoped down to six weeks.  Mom was brave—and proud.  She declined treatment, choosing to be at home under hospice care.  When the end came, four of her five children were at her side. I was surprised …

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Managing a Decedent’s Digital Accounts

Picture this: You have just completed, with the help of your trusty attorney, the final draft of your Last Will & Testament. It is now ready for your signature and you can finally breathe again with assurance that your loved ones and estate are protected once you pass.  On the way home from your attorney’s …

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Tips on How to Avoid Overpaying on Funeral Arrangements

Consumers who know what different options are available to them can avoid overpaying for funerals or other after-death care. Here are 12 cost-saving suggestions. 1. Ask your loved ones what their funeral wishes are so you can do what they want vs. what others may think your loved ones would have wanted. For a complete …

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Disposing of Unneeded Cemetery Plots

My family recently found itself in the position of needing to sell some burial plots and I learned so much going through the exercise of trying to sell them that I thought I should share my experience. The following is my first-person account, and experiences may vary depending on local circumstances.  I grew up in …

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